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Alan O'Connell

Investing in keeping the blood flowing

Veryan is developing a next-generation peripheral vascular stent platform designed to reduce restenosis and vascular occlusion and provide more flexibility for use in locations such as the leg where flexion may be required.

Background: Veryan’s technology is based on observations that many blood vessels normally adopt a spiral or twisting form and that the swirling blood flow generated by such 3D geometries helps to maintain vessel patency and minimise restenosis following vascular surgery. The company’s technology involves the introduction of a 3D spiral shape into conventional vascular stents for use in the treatment of peripheral arterial disease. The spiral form also enables the stent to flex, thereby providing a solution to another key problem in the use of stents in peripheral locations, where flexing of limbs can cause straight stents to fracture.

Our Involvement: Veryan is a spin out from Imperial College London with an operational base in the Galway Medtech Cluster. We led the Series B financing together with Imperial Innovations and Invesco and are active at the Board level.

Market Need:  Peripheral Vascular Disease is a large market growing at 7-10% annually and is estimated to reach approximately $1.6 billion in value by 2016.

Status: FDA trial is on-going in parallel with European commercialisation.

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