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Peter Sandys

Investing in the lifeblood of hemodialysis

Quanta is developing a small, portable hemodialysis (HHD) system called SelfCare+ for home and for self-care use in the clinic.  The device incorporates a technologically-advanced disposable cartridge system offering clinic-equivalent dialysis performance coupled with flexibility and ease of use.

Background: The need for regular hemodialysis following end-stage renal disease (ESRD) is growing as the population ages and the incidence of diabetes, obesity and hypertension rises. Clinical studies have shown that more frequent dialysis offers significant medical benefits and improved quality of life. A practical home dialysis solution would offer huge healthcare benefits.

Our Involvement: Quanta was a spin-out from IMI, a UK public engineering company. We had tracked the opportunity over a number of years and worked with the founding management team to focus and shape the initial business model. We co-led the Series A financing together with NBGI and Wellington Partners and play an active role on the Board.

Market Need: The dialysis market is one of the largest in the healthcare sector, worth approximately $75 billion per annum, of which $13 billion per annum is attributable to dialysis products. The number of ESRD patients is expected to double by 2020. HHD currently accounts for 1-3% of dialysis patients in most developed countries, although studies indicate that up to 30% of patients may be suitable for dialysis at home. In the UK, the NHS has specifically targeted the growth of HHD to 15% of patients.

Status: SelfCare+ is in now being optimised in a clinical setting with human dialysis patients.

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