Our Philosophy

Seroba believes a good investment is one which has the potential to advance medical care and transform lives. Investing in companies at all stages of their operation, we base our funding decisions on medical need, market opportunity, product differentiation, development timelines and the strength and experience of the management team.

In therapeutics, we invest at early stages of clinical development in projects with a well-mapped, capital-efficient path to clinical proof-of-concept and delivery of shareholder value. However, we are also willing to invest at preclinical stages in companies that demonstrate innovative platforms and the prospect of creating strong, high-value product pipelines

In medical devices, we focus on products that build upon novel concepts and address clear unmet opportunities. We prefer companies with well-advanced prototype products and solid plans that address the evolving regulatory environment and the route to market. We source opportunities in Europe and the USA.  With our headquarters in Dublin, we are also keen to exploit our networks in Ireland, the largest medtech cluster in Europe.

Seroba Life Sciences is a lead or co-lead investor, underlining our active investment style and approach to working with our companies.

For us, investing in life sciences means investing in life.

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