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Alan O'Connell

Investing in greater transplant success

Opsona is developing antibody therapeutics targeting toll-like receptors (TLRs) for the treatment of acute inflammatory conditions. The company is focusing on kidney transplantation and oncology.

Background: TLRs are key components of the innate immune system and present novel targets for therapeutic intervention.  Luke O’Neill, Professor of Immunology at Trinity College Dublin, is a world-recognised expert on TLRs and one of the founders of Opsona.

Our Involvement: We were a founding investor in Opsona and co-led the Series B financing. We hold a Board position and have actively engaged with the company throughout its lifetime, working with management and other Board members to shape strategy and assist with business development and financing.

Market Need: About 45% of all kidney transplant patients suffer from delayed graft function resulting in a failure of the transplant. It is believed that inhibiting TLR-2 will reduce the occurrence of such events, resulting in more successful transplant outcomes. There is also growing evidence of a role for TLR-2 in treating oncology.

Status: On-going clinical testing in renal and transplant oncology.

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