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Daniel O'Mahony


Novate Medical is developing next generation inferior vena cava (IVC) filters designed to reduce the likelihood of pulmonary embolism (PE) in high-risk clinical situations. The filters do not require retrieval, and from studies to date, appear to solve many of the problems associated with current devices.

Background: Current IVC filters are either permanent or retrievable devices and have limitations including migration, tilting, penetration and damage of the vena cava (VC) wall and fracture. Moreover, 75% of “retrievable” filters are never retrieved from patients, which concerns regulatory authorities.

Our Involvement: We invested in Novate’s Series A financing and have been closely involved with the company’s development since its early formation. We also co-led the Series B fundraising in 2011 and remain active Board members.

Market Need: Over 3 million surgical procedures take place annually in the US and Europe which have the potential to lead to embolic events. The Novate IVC filter prevents PE and venous thromboembolism in patients who are high-risk during or after surgery. PE affects millions of patients worldwide and hundreds of thousands could potentially benefit from this filter technology.

Status: Novate Medical has completed enrolling its FDA trial in the US and Europe for its Sentry device.  CE Mark is secured for its Guardian device.

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