Biosensia to Showcase Latest Diagnostic Developments at the AACC Oak Ridge Conference.

Dublin, 16 April 2012.  Biosensia ltd., a point of care diagnostics Company, will be presenting two posters at this year’s AACC Oak Ridge Conference, ‘Emerging Technologies for 21st Century Clinical Diagnostics’, in San Jose.  The posters will illustrate a series of developments proving the effectiveness of Biosensia’s RapiPlex platform.

RapiPlex, is a novel, user-friendly, cost effective, multiplexing point of care in vitro diagnostics platform that gives access to a broad range of diagnostic applications including acute phase diagnostics, prognostic diagnostic panels and companion diagnostics at the point of care. RapiPlex enables the transition of complex immunoassays from the central laboratory to the point of care across a wide variety of samples types.

The posters, ‘Evaluation of a Multiplex Drugs of Abuse Detection Platform with Integrated Sample Handling Technologies’ and ‘RapiPlex a small volume whole blood quantitative microfluidic fluorescent Point of Care platform’ will describe how Biosensia’s RapiPlex platform can be used to detect drugs of abuse, making it suitable for use in a variety of point of care settings such as hospital ER, Doctors office or workplace testing.  The ability to detect cardiac markers in blood demonstrates how RapiPlex can be used to rapidly diagnose heart attacks in a clinical setting.

Niamh O’Luanaigh, Head of Assay Development at Biosensia, who led the work and is presenting the posters at the conference said: “The posters show just how powerful RapiPlex is and the significant range of uses for it. We believe that RapiPlex can have a significant impact on the way we currently do test, supporting acute phase diagnostics, prognostic diagnostic panels and companion diagnostics at the point of care.”

Diarmuid Flavin, CEO of Biosensia ltd., said: “This scientific validation of RapiPlex is an important step for us. Having secured funding last year, we are now ready to begin the 510k process for US approval and secure a CE mark for Europe, before moving to full commercialisation in 2013.”

The Oak Ridge Conference is the American Association for Clinical Chemistry’s annual forum for emerging clinical diagnostic technologies and brings together thought leaders from industry, academia, and clinical laboratories. The conference focuses exclusively on pre-commercial technologies.


For further information, please contact:
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About Biosensia

Biosensia is an in vitro diagnostics company, focused on developing next generation point of care (POC) technology with a broad range of applications. Biosensia has developed RapiPlex, a rapid, novel, multiplexing POC in vitro diagnostics platform, which can be used for a wide range of diagnostic applications. RapiPlex is suitable for use in all immunoassay formats and for multiple POC applications including medical, environmental, food safety and security. Biosensia collaborates with healthcare companies to develop point of care diagnostics products. Biosensia is an independent, venture capital funded company based in the Nova UCD incubation centre at University College Dublin, Ireland.


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