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Alan O'Connell

Investing in the treatment of chronic cough

Ario Pharma is focusing on small molecule drug therapeutics to treat chronic cough.

Background: Ario Pharma was formed as a demerger from Xention, in order to improve the focus of both. The company is developing an orally-bioavailable inhibitor of TrpV1 (vanilloid-1) receptors.

Our Involvement: Ario Pharma was demerged from Xention subsequent to our Series D investment in the latter company. We are actively engaged at the Board level.

Market Need: Chronic cough is prevalent in 7% of the population. It is one of the most frequent reasons for seeing a physician and accounts for 10-38% of respiratory outpatient practice in the USA. Treatment options are limited and over the counter (OTC) remedies (e.g. codeine) are largely in effective. Despite this, annual sales for the treatment of cough in the USA using OTC generic medication currently exceed $2 billion.

Status: In Phase IIa clinical testing.

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